Our goal is to provide high-profit and secure real estate investments in Poland to the International Investors. With over fifteen years of experience, we specialize in developing our Investors’ real estate portfolios based on proven strategies of Buy to rent and Flip.

We provide access to unique investment opportunities and we own project delivery end to end. While Investors fully own the property and get the profit to their bank account, we do the actual work to ensure the investment success.

Buy to rent: build stable cash-flow real estate portfolios for long-term profit

We find the property – You buy & OWN – We rent it out & manage – You get the monthly cash-flow

  • We provide end to end service, where you own the property and get monthly profit directly to your bank account, whereas we take care of the rest.
  • We charge percentage of the monthly rent you get from the tenant for the ongoing property / tenant relationships management.
  • Expected ROI is 7%+ gross per year.

Flip: buy and sell to maximize short-term profits

We find the property – You buy & OWN – We increase the property value – We sell – You get the profit – We get profit share

  • Expected ROI: 15% and 80% gross within 6-24 months.
  • We earn only when you earn – there are no entry commissions or hidden fees, just a share of the investor’s profit.
  • You own the property, which gives you security at every process step.

Our reputation for transparency and professionalism is built on our commitment to our clients’ investment security. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the market, we can help you achieve your investment goals and realize your full potential in Polish real estate.


  • Experience: we’ve invested in Poland real estate since 2009.
  • Real Estate Awards: In 2020 our CEO was awarded the Flip of the Year Award granted by the Polish Association of Landlords.
  • Your transaction security is our top importance! You are the owner of the purchased property from the legal standpoint at every process stage. We take maximum precautions steps to make the transactions smooth & secure for you.
  • You can only gain by investing with us, as our remuneration on each flip depends on your profit. So we’re motivated to earn as much as possible for you.
  • We are real estate investors personally! We do flips & rent long term and this is our way of living! However there’re many more good deals on the market than we can buy, so they’re offered to our Investors.
  • Network of professionals – we have broad network of real estate agents and brokers, as well as renovation crews, tax advisors and legal experts for most complex cases.
  • We focus on delivering value to the end Buyers and Tenants – we increase property value by solving legal obstacles, renovation, decoration, homestaging or changing the function of the property. So end users of our properties, get a high quality product that best serves their needs.
  • We’re the co-founders of the Polish Landlords Association (setup in Jan 2012).


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Expected ROI: 15-80% within 6-24 months.
Minimum investment: $200.000 (mortgage can be leveraged)


  • We find the right property
  • You buy & own it

Property value increase

  • We fit-out, renovate, homestage, sort our legal obstacles, change the purpose of the property


  • We market and sell the property at maximum profit
    We share profit with the Investor 50/50: average ROI for each is 15%+ gross per year



Expected gross ROI: 7%+
Minimum investment: $100.000 (mortgage can be leveraged)


  • We align on your real estate portfolio strategy & find the right properties
  • You buy & own it


  • If needed, we fit-out, renovate or decorate the property


  • We find a tenant & rent out the property
  • We manage the property /tenant relations ongoingly



Do you consider Poland as a real estate investment spot and you’re not sure if it’s the right place to invest your money in? Can you as a foreigner buy properties in Poland? Is it secure? See below some info (updated May 2023) about Poland real estate market that can help you make the right decision.

Although Real Estate market in Poland has been continuously growing since 2010, properties prices per sqm in Poland are still significantly below European ones. An average two bedroom flat in city center of Warsaw is around 7x cheaper than respective one in London, 2x cheaper than in Berlin, 5x cheaper than in Paris, 30% cheaper than in Lisbon. At the same time it’s around 10% above Budapest and 30% above Zagreb prices.

What can you get for $200.000 in Poland?
You can buy a modern, two bedroom, ~60sqm apartment in the city center of Warsaw. If you go for outside of city center locations in e.g. Lodz, you can get three studio flats for this money. So you can start with a relatively small investment and grow your portfolio based on the returns you get.

The average gross rental yields in Poland are in the top rank of Europe and are around 6,5%. At the same time in Berlin it’s around 3%, in Prague, Zagreb and Paris it’s around 4%, in Hungary 5% and in London slightly above 6%. Given our experience, the portfolios we create for our Investors, are much more profitable! When you buy your real estates with us, you can get much more.
In case of flipping yields – there’re no official yield statistics here and sky is the limit! Our experience since 2009 has shown that you can get from 15% and 80% gross within 6-24 months. To see examples, see our completed investments of Flips and Buy to rent.

EU Citizens and entities can buy, sell and rent out apartments, houses and land in Poland freely. The regulations are the same as for the Polish citizens.
Non-EU Citizens usually can buy apartments freely. For purchasing land or plot with a house, you need the permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We can help our Investors to get it.

Every year, Poland and in particular real estate investments, attract number of foreign investors. Just in 2022, the annual value of foreign investments in Poland was €5,8bn and it was comparable to 2020 and 2021, whereas before COVID it grew rapidly every year from €2,5bn in 2011 to €7,8bn in 2019.
Given the current economic situation in Poland, where the demand from individual households for purchasing properties is limited due to high interest rates and high cost of living caused by the inflation, it is a very good opportunity for investors to negotiate property price and get good deals. At the same time, more and more foreigners come to live in Poland, as it’s a secure and still relatively cheap location. This creates increased demand from foreigners and at the same time a suspended demand from the Polish that we expect will outburst when the mortgage conditions improve. If we add inflation and growing property development cost on top, we expect the prices to go up in the coming years.

All real estate buy-sell transactions are obligatorily done via notary, who ensures the legal compliance and security of signed contracts for both Buyer and Seller. On top, Poland has an official, online Polish Property Register, which proves the ownership and removes potential risks linked to purchase/sell transactions.



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